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The Demon of Elru

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20th September 2005

akakuro_sama11:24pm: Can anyone here critique poetry?
I've got a couple Id-themed pieces, but they're in need of some help.
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27th June 2005

angeluszion8:52pm: Another long-awaited update:
Ah, sorry guys.

I didn't mean to skimp on the updates over here, it's just that everything has been so hectic lately that I haven't had so much time to be online hence the lack of postage.

Anyways, I want to personally welcome any new members to this little com and just ask how everyone is doing lately.


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14th August 2004

angeluszion4:15pm: Hello out there?

I was kind of wondering, does anyone have any thoughts, ideas or theories regarding our beloved Id?

Please don't be shy, everyone is welcome to contribute!


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13th July 2004

akakuro_sama5:18pm: Whee, first post here.
I come bearing shineys. Two Id-related drabbles and lineart for a sketch I'm going to be photoshopping soon. (Well, technically, they aren't drabbles, since drabbles are exactly 100 words and these are 150 and 175 words, respectively.)

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12th July 2004

angeluszion12:31am: Thoughts..
Has anyone any thoughts or ideas about our lovely yet evil Id?

Please don't be shy about voicing yourself..

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30th June 2004

angeluszion6:38am: This lovely tidbit is from akakuro_sama (thank you!)
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16th March 2004

angeluszion1:30pm: More Idness...
A few interesting tidbits I uncovered...

Emotional Control Device


Early on the second disc in Taura's House, Taura gives Fei an Emotional Control Device that implants Nanomachines into Fei's body. These prevent Id outbursts.

Interesting linkage;

http://ykyptm.darksiren.net/xenogears3.html - You know you like Xenogears too much when..

http://www.rpgclassics.com/quotes/xeno.shtml - Some interesting quotes from Xenogears.

"That was pretty interesting. But dropping a warship on me is cheating... Take it back!" -Id (My favorite all time quote!) XD

(Will edit further later)

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23rd February 2004

angeluszion5:39am: Xenogears Timeline..
Here as you can see, this is the Xenogears timeline. This was borrowed from the site 'Chaos2'. This is something to reference if need be, and to clear up any disputes..
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22nd February 2004

angeluszion3:05pm: Some information about Id...
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21st February 2004

angeluszion8:36pm: Welcome!
Here is where you are free to speak your mind within reason of course!

Please discuss anything that strikes your interest within the games Xenosaga or Xenogears..

Do any of you currently have any theories regarding Id or anyone in particular?

Any comments welcomed!

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